DaneCom Expected to Go Live in November
Monday, January 11, 2016

Several new towers are being added to the DaneCom system and go-live of the entire enhanced DaneCom system is expected to happen in November 2016, according to the newest DaneCom outreach memo from Dane County radio system administrator Chad Fleck.

In a memo to stakeholders on Friday, Fleck said several new towers are being added to the DaneCom system for improved system operation - and those costs will be borne by Dane County, not the municipalities.

"In addition, one tower is being switched to another site," Fleck said in the memo. "That particular old tower has a very high monthly lease cost. Changing that tower  will save around $100,000 in yearly O&M lease costs alone! Additional savings will be enjoyed since users will not be paying for other costs, such as electricity, for this site. These O&M costs are what the users would be paying 70% of the costs for. Even though one tower is 'going away', enhanced coverage will still be enjoyed in the affected area."

Ground has been broken at some of the new tower sites.

See the full memo from Chad Fleck.

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